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In new construction, using Spray Foam in walls ensures a tight, high performing, and energy-efficient home. It also adds structural integrity to the entire building envelope.

Educated builders know the advantages of using advanced framing techniques with Spray Foam. The benefits are many. The builder saves wood and creates a stronger building.  The lifelong energy conservation is second to none. And a building made with advanced framing techniques and Spray Foam can be built at about the same cost as a traditional building.

For example, when building an R-19 wall with Spray Foam as compared to a straight traditional assembly the savings start adding up quickly, which balance the investment in Spray Foam. With Spray Foam we can eliminate the need for house wrap, vapor barriers and jamb extensions. The details become simpler and the labor costs go down.

Of course, you don’t need to build with advanced building techniques to use Spray Foam. Traditionally framed homes will be just as energy efficient, comfortable and healthy with Spray Foam. Many better remodelers are implementing Spray Foam in additions and renovations because they are getting such positive feedback from their clients. To quote one happy homeowner, “The addition you built is the most comfortable room of the house.” These contractors know that Spray Foam brings value to their work.